Computer Retail and Services cater to both individual and business needs when it comes to IT hardware and related services. These offerings ensure customers get the right equipment tailored to their requirements, along with necessary support for maintenance and upgrades. Without appropriate IT hardware and support, users could experience inefficiencies, potential data loss, and even financial setbacks.
Sales & Configuration

The Sales & Configurations sector provides a vast array of IT hardware options, ensuring every individual or business finds the perfect fit for their needs. This ensures optimized performance and satisfaction for every user. Without proper configurations and tailored solutions, users might end up with incompatible or subpar equipment.


Systems cater to the primary computational needs of users, whether they’re gamers, business professionals, or custom PC enthusiasts. By selecting the right system, users ensure optimal performance for their specific tasks. Failing to get the right system could lead to lags, hardware limitations, and decreased user satisfaction.

Gaming Desktops

Designed for gamers, these systems come with high-end graphics, processors, and sufficient RAM to run demanding games. Without these, users might face lags or incompatible software issues.

Business Desktops

Tailored for professional use, they have the necessary capabilities to run business applications smoothly. Neglecting this could lead to inefficiencies in business operations.

Customized Computers

Built to specific user requirements, ensuring every component matches the user’s preference and needs. Without customization, users might not utilize their systems to their full potential.


Accessories enhance the overall experience and functionality of the primary systems. They add value, versatility, and can sometimes be critical for specific tasks. Not having the right accessories could limit the capabilities of the primary system.

Printer Configuration

Knowing how vital printers are for documentation purposes we will aid in configuration or troubleshooting of your printer. If you need a new printer we can also get you in touch with our partners over at Printer Source Plus!

TV Configuration

Useful for presentations, entertainment, or as extended displays. Not having a suitable TV might limit visual experiences or presentations.


Includes items like external hard drives, keyboards, mice, and more, enhancing system functionality. Lack of these could reduce efficiency and convenience.

Maintenance, Repair & Health

Maintenance, Repair & Health ensures the longevity and optimal performance of computer systems. Regular checks and professional maintenance can prevent potential system failures, saving costs and data. Ignoring regular maintenance and health checks could result in system breakdowns and potential data loss.


Regular upkeep ensures systems remain efficient and healthy, preventing sudden breakdowns. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of systems and ensures the safety of data. Neglecting upkeep could lead to unexpected system failures.

Computer Clean-Up

Removes unnecessary files and optimizes system performance. Without it, systems could become sluggish and storage could be wasted.

Preventative Maintenance

Proactive checks to prevent potential issues, ensuring smooth operation. Ignoring this might lead to sudden system breakdowns.

Data Transfer & Backup

Safeguards user data by creating copies and facilitating transfers between systems. Not having backups could result in irreversible data loss.


Addressing system malfunctions and ensuring they return to optimal performance. Quick and professional repairs prevent extended downtimes and potential data breaches. Delay in repairs could exacerbate issues, leading to potential data loss or more extensive damages.

Computer Repair

Addresses hardware and software issues, ensuring the system returns to its optimal state.

Virus Removal

Gets rid of malicious software that could compromise system data and performance.

System Upgrades

Updates systems to the latest software or hardware, ensuring they remain current and efficient.